Printed Zines
Five zines consisting of 35-40 pages each were designed for every individual who participated in sharing their story. In addition to these five main stories, a sixth zine was designed with advice given by anonymous individuals who participated. 
Links to each zine can be found on the bottom of each individual's story on the website.
Desktop and Mobile Website
The website transforms all five of the stories into scrolly-tell experiences. As users scroll through an individuals page, the story content fades onto the screen to create a cinematic reading experience. Similarly to the desktop design, the mobile also utilizes fading animation as users scroll to out a scrolly-tell design that guides readers into the recovery stories.
Instagram Campaign
The Instagram campaign serves as a way for others to engage in the project and connect as a community. People can share quotes, spread inspiration and even share their own stories. The Instagram profile are arranged in a specific way to create an alternating color pattern for each individual.


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