Secondary Method
The secondary method for this project was a complimentary cultural probe to the primary survey. A game board was designed 
This particular methodology gave insight to the values held by participants and will also allowed direct observation of how the factors given are physically placed on the chart. The placement and arrangement of items show a clear rank of the values held by individuals as well as how much each factor affects the participants happiness overall.

Game pieces that were used on the board. Images that represent friends, family, freedom, health, partners, spirituality/religion, spare time, food, animals, environment, hobbies, creativity, work, and giving to others were all printed and cut in the same sized bubbles.
A total of 16 people participated in using the game board.
These are examples of results from three of the participants. 
Results from secondary method
A stacked bar chart was utilized to show the trends within each layer and to elucidate which factors were the most important to the individuals who participated in this method. Level one was assigned the color yellow and the bar height was placed in a descending order so users could easily distinguish which factors were of the absolute most importance to participants. This way it is easy for users to understand which factors were most frequently placed in each layer and they can see trends based on color and size of the bars.​​​​​​​
The overall trend or story that emerges from method two is that people prioritize creativity and their relationships the most over any other option presented in this method. In other words, creativity as well as connection to others such as family, animals, and friends are all factors that are valuable and important to happiness.


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