Sport is Spectacle Newspaper 
The text was then transformed into a different reading experience. This newspaper format challenged the ways elements present in the text could expand. The newspaper allowed type to shift from large moments to compacted dense moments, patterns to span larger and images to fluctuate as well. 
Type Palette
A type palette was constructed for the book and was implemented throughout the three texts that were used. The typefaces used in this book are Rockwell Std and Bembo. The typeface Rockwell provides a sport-like characteristic and it is commonly found on sports jerseys which relates to the content of this book. It was used as a style for both titles and captions. The body text was set in Bembo. This particular typeface is inviting and creates an easy reading experience for anyone who chooses to read this book.
Grid Structure
A consistent grid was used for the entire book. The grid allows a flexible construction of the three texts. The grid was annotated to show where certain elements would exist.
Crafted data
A crafted data component was implemented into this project. Data was taken from an article written by Alex Schaffer titled “Top 20 Greatest Fighters in NHL History” and connects to the content of the second article “The Bizarre Culture of Hockey Fighting” by Ben Livingston. This data visualizes the top 10 hockey fighters in National Hockey League History and listed on the images of players are their ranking, nickname, and number of penalty minutes in their professional career. Images of players were distorted by creating a halftone pixelization as well as increasing their size about 300%. In order to see the complete image users must squint their eyes or view them at a distance. The purpose of this is to make the user interact with the images in order to understand its composition.
Initial sketch for crafted data medallion
The final crafted data medallions are designed in a manner that is reminiscent of patches on a hockey jersey and serve as "tokens" of winning physical battles on the ice.
Crafted data medallions implemented on halftone images of the top 10 
greatest hockey fighters of all time


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